When a person purchased a home and discovered a pit bull tied up in the basement, they contacted rescuers.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a call just as they thought they’d heard everything. “I just bought a house, and there’s a Pit Bull tied up in the basement,” the caller added. “I have no idea how long it’s been down there.”

When rescuers arrived at the residence, they noticed a black and white Pit Bull staring up at them from the bottom of the steps.

Despite what must have been a horrific experience, the Pit Bull smirked and wagged her tail madly at them.

She could only take the bottom stair because her chain was so short. They searched the basement after freeing the dog and discovered a big amount of waste, indicating that the dog had been down there for some time.

“Leaping Bean” couldn’t stop herself from jumping up and down and dancing all over the place when she came outside and noticed people approaching her.

As his trusty senior companion passed away quietly, a guy was filled with grief.

A distraught dog buries her deceased youngster, seeking to protect him even after death, and refuses to leave until she has completely covered everything.