Police officer-rescued puppy reports for snuggle duty

Little did Officer Kathryn Smith realize that her answer to a plea about a stray mother dog and her brood of pups hanging around a nearby farm would result in a touching addition to the St. Paul Police Department when she got the call.

We would like to present you to Sgt. Fuzz, one of the pups that Officer Smith saved and who went on to become a beloved part of her own family.

It was the beginning of something amazing when she brought the 5-month-old dog to the police station to meet her coworkers. Due to his positive impact, Sgt. Fuzz was quickly appointed to a formal position in the Minnesota police department.

The police chief’s adorable practice of bringing his dog, Stella, to work every Friday led to the creation of this enjoyable appointment. Motivated by this dog-to-dog friendship, Sgt. Fuzz was invited.

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