The rescuers of a dog from a puppy factory faced a significant obstacle when the canine was too terrified to walk.

Olaf is a Great Pyrenees who spent his whole life in a puppy factory before experiencing a miraculous turnaround and finding love and happiness. Olaf’s condition was more difficult than most when

The Animal Pad came to his aid since he weighed an astonishing 130 pounds! The Animal Pad posted on Facebook that they had rescued 111 dogs from a terrible breeding facility in Baja, California, and that Olaf was one of them.

The breeder said that she had Olaf around to protect the other dogs, the ones that were really making money for her. Olaf, a meek and kind soul that wouldn’t hurt a fly, was cast in the role of guardian. The Animal Pad thought he was ideal the way he was.

Due to his bulk and initial fear, rescuing Olaf and carrying him back to the shelter was no easy task. His saviors overcome challenges like these and found him a caring foster family via a mix of ingenuity and persistence.

But they still had a ways to go before they reached their destination; Olaf had to be persuaded to enter a home for the first time in his life.

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