Priscilla Presley Cheers on Her Granddaughters Harper and Finley Lockwood as They Graduate from Middle School

Priscilla Presley attended the middle school graduation of her grandchildren Harper and Finley Lockwood. Michael Lockwood, the twins’ biological father, has been quite involved in their development and is said to get along well with Priscilla.

Photos of the twins went viral, and many commenters noted the striking resemblances between Finley and both her mother Lisa Marie Presley and her grandpa Elvis Presley. While Harper donned a white dress and white coat, she wore cargo pants and a black oversized zipper sweatshirt.

Priscilla Presley opted for the same white and black ensemble as her husband, donning a black leather jacket with black accents, a white undershirt, black stiletto boots, and a black handbag. Despite all they’ve been through in recent months, it seems like the family had a good time at the event.

Lisa Marie Presley, who gave birth to twins on October 7, 2008, while she was still married to Michael Lockwood, has been dead for four months, and now her daughters are graduating from high school. After going into cardiac arrest earlier that day, Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, passed away in the hospital.

There was a protracted family battle after her death on who should manage her trust, which had previously been Priscilla but was changed to Riley Keough, her daughter, in 2016. Priscilla filed a petition challenging the constitutionality of the amendment a few days after Lisa Marie’s funeral.

The family’s months-long legal struggle over this issue has finally come to a conclusion, and now they may grieve for Lisa Marie in peace. Reportedly, Riley will continue to serve as principal trustee, and the trust’s beneficiaries will be Riley’s twins, Harper and Finley Lockwood.

Meanwhile, Priscilla Presley received a rumoured multi-million dollar settlement, however rumours persist that it falls short of what she requested. The 77-year-old reportedly requested to be laid to rest next to her ex-husband Elvis Presley, but her request was promptly refused.

Priscilla Presley Gives Statement Following Legal Compromise Priscilla Presley submitted a statement in writing about the family disagreement that started in January 2023 after the latest court session began. According to her statement, she and her family had “cleared the air” about her “plea to the court,” stressing that it was a plea and not a lawsuit.

For the record, no legal action was ever taken against [Riley Keough]. We are relieved to have come to an agreement as a family. After the loss of my sister Lisa Marie, my family and I ask that you respect our need for privacy while we mourn and spend time together.

Mother and child complete nursing school together.

The reincarnation of Elizabeth Taylor is obvious: her granddaughter is a dead ringer.