A disabled mother without limbs or legs still provides the best for her infant despite her flaws.

He is unfamiliar with her father. When she was born, her parents, who worked in a car factory in Yokshire County, separated. She also has a non-disabled sibling who is three years older than the sister she barely knows.

Alison spent her entire childhood in a handicapped school surrounded by children who resembled her physically. “Several of us were born without limbs as a result of the thalidomide epidemic. Balance was difficult for s to attain.

We were unable to sit without falling over, but we were able to stand up. Then, they placed s on a plinth made of gypsum. Alison recounts with a smile that they were

“show kids.”Without desire for extensions.Since she was three months old, attempts to implant artificial limbs and legs have been made. However, she acknowledges that it was difficult and not particularly comfortable.

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