Adorable pictures of sleeping dogs cuddled up together are shared by a puppy daycare company, and the pictures quickly go viral.

Puppies older than 12 weeks are cared for at Puppy Spring, a dog daycare located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

For dog owners who work full-time, it’s ideal since they can rest easy knowing that their priceless puppies are happy and receiving excellent care even throughout their hectic workdays.

Puppy Spring is a godsend to its customers, but because of its charming Instagram account, it has also turned into a happy place for people to find pleasure.

The internet is enamored with Puppy Spring’s pups because the company often shares photos of them while they’re napping.

Every time the little human sibling sobs, a dog comforts him by bringing his favorite toy.

At the shelter, two pit bulls that no one wanted found comfort in one other and eventually a permanent home.