‘Queen of Benefits’ who collects over $50,000 year while being a jobless mother of twelve is arrested.

Cheryl Prudham, a 34-year-old mother of 12, allegedly stole more than $12,000 from parking metres throughout her neighbourhood.

She had been the focus of media attention previously, and she had lately received nearly $49,000 in welfare payments in a single year.

so much so that she became known as “Queen of Benefits.”

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A Mercedes she was seeking had been sighted near her house in Wigan, Lancashire, earlier in the year.

Robert Prudham, Cheryl’s exe, has been accused with stealing parking metre money.

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In addition to lying to a staffing agency about his criminal history, he stole $12,886 from parking metres.

Thus, Cheryl was blamed for handling the stolen money. A second conspirator, a guy called Jacob Undertown, 27, was also involved.

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They’ve all been accused of the same thing, but nobody’s confessed guilt.

Cheryl, a housewife and part-time cleaner, had six children with two men before marrying and having six more with Robert.

Cheryl claimed she had a pregnancy addiction and wanted another kid so she could collect more benefits.

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Cheryl said that she wanted breast augmentation as a reward for raising her children on her own for so long.

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After her breakup with Robert, Cheryl said she was solely interested in having children and had no desire to date again.

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Let let all hang out.

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