She was left alone to suffer for a very long time as she bore a large tumor on her face.

Hi, I’m Honey. This is today’s unfortunate rescue from the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary. Honey’s facial tumor was the largest in her body,

and she was abandoned in a critical state. She suffered for quite some time from the swelling and infection that resulted.

We’re now accompanying her for X-rays at Animal Wellness to see whether or not the lump is operable. Initial blood tests showed that her organs were functioning well, but she is anemic. She also tested positive for heartworm.

They plan to treat her inflammation and increase her red blood cell count over the course of two weeks. She’ll have to have surgery and then go through chemotherapy. She has a great shot of just living a normal, happy life.

She boldly spoke up against the unfairness of animal cruelty by approaching a dog shackled by a chain that weighted it.

The stray dog that tried to get her head stuck in my vehicle to plead for assistance really had something more to show: a clever method of communication that portrayed a touching story of trust.