One unfortunate homeless cat has probably just eaten itself to death after mistaking a discarded box for food.

This, believe it or not, is the very same cat. It’s hard to believe, but this stunning cat was once on the verge of extinction.

When we discovered her six months ago, she was in a very serious state. The cat lay still on the grass, with half-opened eyes and symptoms of fatigue.

Her body twitched irregularly as she attempted to vomit, and she began foaming at the lips. The cat sank on the soft grass, exhausted. Her expressionless eyes betrayed an acceptance of an unjust destiny.

When I saw her like that, I was really appalled; it caused a lot of stress and anxiety for both of us. We got her into the nearest animal hospital right away.

We were both angered and devastated by the doctor’s diagnosis. The cat was suffering from severe poisoning, which was wreaking havoc on her organs and body.

As the sticky gunk clings to its fur, a kitten screams out in pain.

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