A stray cat led the owner of a store to a warm and comfortable New Year’s celebration.

L.J. desired to place the cat in a foster home prior to the onset of extremely frigid weather. She sought out to Jenn, a Metro Animal Care and Control foster volunteer, for assistance.

Jenn told us, “She’s been trying to find a foster home for her, but she didn’t realize the cat had a kitten.”

We experienced record frigid temperatures and ice/snow in Nashville last week. The shop proprietor was so concerned about the cat’s whereabouts that she went in search of her.

When L.J. discovered the stray, she chose to pursue her. Unbeknownst to her, the cat had been caring for a kitten the entire time. They lived in a timber structure where their mother had excavated a nesting pit for them.

Due to his drooping face, a cat with a rare condition always displays a sad expression.

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