Ray Stevenson, an actor, has died at the young age of 58.

Actor Ray Stevenson, known for his parts in films including “Thor” and “Star Wars,” has died at the age of 58.

Nicki Fioravante, Stevenson’s representative, has confirmed that he passed away on Sunday.

Several sources claim that the hefty British actor was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly while shooting in Italy.


Ray Stevenson was an incredible performer. The British actor had a commanding presence onscreen in a broad variety of roles, from action to drama to historical pieces.

It was in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, on May 25th, 1964 when his birth occurred. When he was eight years old, he moved to England with his family. The Theory of Flight (1998) was Ray Stevenson’s first film.

His performance as Titus Pullo in the 2005–2007 HBO series Rome is likely still vivid in the minds of many viewers.

For Stevenson, “that was one of the major years of my life,” he stated in an interview. I finally felt comfortable enough in my own flesh to tell myself, “Okay, do the work. It’s enough to do the job.”

When asked who inspired him to become an actor, Stevenson often named Lee Marvin and Gene Hackman.

The MCU film Thor featured Stevenson in another of his most memorable appearances, as Volstagg, one of the Warriors Three. In addition, he portrays Frank Castle/Punisher in Punisher: War Zone. The excellent veteran actor participated in RRR, the current Indian smash that won an Oscar in 2022.

In his extensive cinematic career, Ray Stevenson never failed to wow viewers with his ability to convincingly play both nasty and heroic roles. Stevenson was reportedly praised for having “confidence, presence, and enough testosterone to power a city block,” as one film reviewer put it.

“I guess I’m an old warrior at heart,” he added.


However, when he wasn’t playing a violent character, the six-foot-four actor tried to avoid conflict. He grew raised in northern England, where he learned to channel his fury via rugby, a technique that would prove useful in his career as a film stuntman.

As a spinoff from The Mandalorian, fans of the 58-year-old actor were excited to learn that he will be starring in the forthcoming Disney+ Star Wars series Ahsoka opposite Rosario Dawson.

There won’t be any more movie magic from this adored actor, which is a real bummer. The Hollywood Reporter states that Ray Stevenson passed away in Italy on Sunday, April 7. He would have been 59 on Tuesday.

He was reportedly hospitalised on the island of Ischia while shooting the movie Cassino on Ischia, according to the Italian daily La Repubblica. There is still no word on what killed him.

Sebastiano (15), Leonardo (12), and Lodovico Stevenson are Ray’s surviving children. His long-term spouse, an Italian anthropologist he met on the job, gave birth to their children along with him.


This is really terrible news. I enjoyed him in a wide variety of roles. His physical stature and charisma greatly boosted his acting abilities. Ray Stevenson was fantastic in every role he played.

A tragic loss of an underappreciated actor. Our hearts go out to his loved ones at this time.

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