When babies see the world for the first time, their reactions are cute and Hilario’s

One thing that most new babies do is look around with big eyes and be amazed by what they see. They often just stare at everything, from their parents’ faces to the ceiling above them, with interest and wonder.

One funny thing about eagles is that they like to lick their toes. For many newbies, this helps them focus or just lets them try out their new skills. Another cute thing about them is that they often make people around them smile.

Bats also have a unique way of letting you know what they want and need. They may cry when they’re hungry, tired, or need to have their diaper changed, but they also make

a lot of other sounds and facial expressions that are just as telling. Animals have a lot of different facial expressions that show what they’re thinking and feeling.

When the big sister saw her new brother for the first time, she was overjoyed.

Our twins, Thnder and Clod, were born healthy and living but were denied life.