Receiving: Can Someone Have Difficulties Receiving If They Have Experienced Developmental Trauma?

If someone were to take a step back and reflect on their life, they could discover that it is often difficult for them to acquire what they need to exist, much alone prosper. As a result, they may seldom have enough money.

Keeping a roof over their heads will be difficult, and they may not always have enough to eat. As a result, they are unlikely to have enough money to purchase ‘luxury’ products.

One Major Struggle

They may not have gone on vacation in years and may not even consider going away. However, if they are trying to make ends meet, they will not have much energy to consider such matters.

This isn’t to mean they won’t have a job and will have to rely on handouts. No, they could work one or more jobs, but no matter how many they had, they will not make enough money.

Another Subject

Along with this, they may discover that there aren’t many people in their lives, and those that are aren’t particularly supportive. As a result, individuals may feel that they must accomplish almost everything individually.

When it comes to romantic connections, this may not be much better since they have never been in a relationship. Or, if they had, they may have been with someone who was unable to genuinely care for them.

Running on fumes

They would only get a few droplets of water every now and again if they were a plant. As a consequence, they will not get what they need to develop and flourish, but just enough to ensure that they do not perish.

As a result, it is natural for individuals to feel depressed and to regard life as a series of challenges. They will not need to seek out problems to conquer; just getting through the day will be a task.

Putting in the Time

It may be claimed that they will be doing the right thing if they work hard and do all they can to alter their situation. This means they won’t be sitting around waiting for their lives to change.

Still, it may be even more difficult for them to deal with what is going on since they will be putting in so much work for so little in return. It’s not surprising if they have a propensity to feel like a victim.

A Redeemer

They may fantasise about what it would be like if someone came to rescue them from what is going on. This would be the moment when they would finally get what they needed to flourish.

At times, they may question why other individuals are able to obtain what they need and are not suffering as they are. It may seem that these individuals have something that they do not have or are unique in some manner.

There is no control.

They may assume that the only way their life will change is if something ‘out there’ changes. Unless and until this occurs, people will have to accept what is happening and continue to suffer.

However, although it may seem that what is occurring on outside is the problem, what if this is not the case? What if what is going on within them is preventing them from obtaining what they genuinely require?

A Closer Look

There’s a potential that they don’t feel comfortable enough to accept and, as a result, feel the need to keep the world at far. The problem is that they are unaware of this, making it seem as though someone or something ‘out there’ is depriving and/or punishing them.

They may be perplexed at this point as to why they are acting this way, particularly when it is not benefitting them. To understand why this is the case, they will need to dig further into what happened during their formative years.

Way back when

This might have been a moment when they did not get the attention they need to grow and develop. As a result, even if they were not abandoned, their carer may not have been attentive to their requirements.

They would not have been able to connect with their main carer if they had not received the attentive attention that they need. They would have been terrified if their carer was there, even if they were out of sync with them.

A Danger

Human interaction, which they need, and life in general would have been connected with a danger to their own existence. They may have dealt with the grief by shutting down and disconnecting from themselves.

They had no choice but to react since they were completely weak and dependant. Back then, being detached and holding life at bay might have prevented them from being traumatised while also depriving them of the nourishment they need, but today it would lead them to suffer unnecessarily.


This trying period in their lives will be past, but a large part of them will always be haunted by what occurred. This is why they will continue to feel the need to keep life at a distant and why they will seldom, if ever, acquire what they need.

If someone can connect to this and is ready to make a change in their life, they may need to seek outside help. This may be accomplished with the aid of a therapist or healer.

Oliver JR Cooper is an English author, transformational writer, teacher, and consultant. His incisive remark and analysis touch on many areas of human change, such as love, relationship, self-love, self-worth, inner child, and inner consciousness. Oliver gives hope as well as practical guidance in his approximately two thousand eight hundred in-depth writings addressing human psychology and conduct.

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