”Uпbelievable Arrival: Germaп Newborп Baby Girl Shatters Records at 13.47 Poᴜпds!”

A week ahead of schedule, on Monday, Maisie Lily Macdonald arrived at the home of her parents, Maso Macdonald and Makaela Kirkby,

weighing thirteen pounds and two pounds, eight centigrams. I was quite happy with it. It’s amazing that she weighs six kilos, Mr. Macdonald said.


According to Maisie’s mother, the last few weeks of pregnancy were difficult, but the delight was increased when the baby was finally born.”I need assistance getting out of bed. I just couldn’t get over that,” Ms. Kirkby said.

At around 37 weeks, I had a growth scan performed on her, and she was weighing less than two pounds. I definitely didn’t think she would arrive at 13 PM.

Mr. Macdonald expressed amazement at his partner’s skill and said, “I’m sure I couldn’t have done it.”

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