A family’s unwavering resolve results in the construction of a cozy home for the stray cat they pledge to save.

As soon as they discovered it, they gave him the name Ziggy and began courtship. Ziggy began making twice-daily visits for sustenance, but was initially terrified of being handled. His new friends desired to make him feel at ease whenever he visited,

so they decided to build him a miniature house. They reasoned that he would have a warm place to stay if he remained aloof as the winter months approached, so they began feeding him there to acclimate him.

Ziggy appeared to appreciate the home and was growing up to the couple, but it was clear he had a long way to go.

Renee, the mother of the cats (who asked that her last name not be used), told The Dodo, “After a few weeks of feeding, I could finally touch him while he was eating.” “However, as soon as he finished his meal, he refused to be touched.”

The couple was still deliberating what to do with Ziggy — whether to continue feeding him outside until he was more comfortable or to attempt to bring him inside

A feline with a crooked cranium overcame all obstacles and is now thriving in its ideal home, victorious in its voyage.

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