Richard Gere, 73, Was Taken Unexpectedly from a Family Vacation and Taken to the Hospital

Richard Gere’s devoted fan base has remained strong throughout his decades-long career. In 2018, at age 73, he wed his third wife, the outspoken Alejandra Silva.

When disaster struck when the family was on vacation and Richard Gere wound up in the hospital, she was quite honest about what had happened. If you’re interested in learning more, keep on reading!

Alejandra Silva, Richard Gere, and their two children recently vacationed in Mexico. To celebrate Alejandra’s 40th birthday, the crew jetted out to a tropical destination.

Something horrific occurred to her while on vacation with her family, and she spoke it candidly and frankly. Richard Gere’s condition warranted a visit to the emergency department. To read on and discover… click here.

Richard and Alejandra Gere brought their family to Mexico for a holiday. To celebrate Alejandra’s fortieth birthday, the group took a trip.

Some claim the actor was sick on a family trip and others believe he caught the flu. The actor’s representative verified the report to NBC News but declined to provide any details.

The news source went on to state that the American Gigolo actor already had a cough before he went to Mexico, but that it became much worse while he was there. After his persistent coughing drove him to the doctor, the diagnosis was pneumonia. The actor was kept overnight for monitoring and released the next day.

Alejandra Gere, Richard Gere’s wife, confirms our assumptions and provides additional insight into their marriage.

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At a nearby eatery, Richard Gere and his family are celebrating his dad’s 100th birthday.

After seeing the outpouring of worry from fans, the 40-year-old actor’s wife decided to put a stop to the online rumours and questions. They included a photo of her and Gere holding hands while out in public with their kid to illustrate their point.

She wrote a caption to go along with the picture. In the photo’s caption, she said, “I woke up this morning to the news and all your kind and [worried] comments.” He’s doing well today, to paraphrase. He seems to be improving.

Furthermore, I would like to add, “The worst has already [past]!” Silva provided further detail thereafter. We appreciate all of the support and good thoughts that have been sent our way. “Thank you so much”

Silva had already shared the story of how his family’s illness had been spread online.

Previous social media posts by Silva indicate that the whole family is ill. In response to birthday wishes, she said, “Thank you everybody for the birthday greetings.. after over 3 weeks of everyone being ill in our family, today finally I feel much better!” beside a photo of her, her husband, and their two children taking a stroll on the beach.

I feel the same way about you and much value your devotion. In honour of your special day, best wishes! Additionally, I hope you have a wonderful 40th!

A caption reading “We are very delighted that the family is doing well now” was written next to a photo of her and her two children taking a stroll along the beach. Let’s join forces in wishing them success and happiness.

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