A stray dog and its stuffed friend were found wandering the streets of Detroit, and the community rallied to save them.

A German Shepherd was found wandering the streets of Detroit with just her beloved teddy bear for company. This once abandoned dog has been rescued and is now in good care.

Concerned Detroiters named the dog “Nicholas” despite the fact that she is a girl, as reported by FOX 2 Detroit. It was discovered that the dog had been homeless after her owner’s dying.

After hearing the heartbreaking story, many local organizations worked together to catch the dog and ensure her safety. These organizations included

It Is Pawzable Dog Training, South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, Sugar Mutts Dog Grooming, and Almost Home Animal Rescue.

It Is Pawzable proprietor Katrina Weaver gushed over the neighborhood’s cohesiveness, saying, “Everybody comes together and works as a team, which is so amazing.”

The coordinated rescue effort was successful, and on May 3 Almost Home No Kill Rescue announced that the dog, who they had nicknamed “Nikki” after discovering her real gender, was in their care.

The rescue is hopeful about Nikki’s future despite the fact that she has heartworm and will need medication for four weeks.

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Abandoned and alone, we came upon a dog in need and decided to assist it.