The homeless cat, who was fortunately found and saved by a kind guy in time, was sobbing unceasingly in the rain since it had nowhere to stay.

A homeless cat was in a precarious condition in the middle of the pouring rain, calling out in agony as it tried to find cover from the unrelenting rainfall.

It had no cover from the weather, and it seemed that no one was listening to its cries for assistance. But just when everything seemed hopeless, good fortune stepped in and saved the day, sending a kind-hearted guy to its aid.

The guy stumbled upon the scene, lured by the frantic meows that pierced through the stormy night, since he had an ear for the cries of the weak.

He followed the sound without thinking, wanting to save this helpless creature. Despite the rain soaking his clothing and the darkness enveloping his surrounds, his sympathy drove him on.

Bruce was abandoned at the age of eight months due to a rare disability, but his amazing adventure started when he warmed up to his loving foster mother.

The helpless, deserted kitten was stuck inside a water pot and in great need of assistance.