Blind Kitten Discovered Crying Alone in Cage Saved from Euthanasia Just in Time

Penny, our sponsored cat of the month, has arrived! Found a Blind Kitten Penny was saved from being euthanized in a kill shelter at the last minute.

Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rescuer for, had gone to the kill shelter with the hopes of rescuing four kittens that were set to be slaughtered that day.

They were all suffering from severe upper respiratory infections. Sarah successfully rescued the four kittens she was intended to save, but something else piqued her interest…

“There’s a kitten here crying all by itself,” Sarah told Stephanie, the creator of Community Cats. I can feel every bone in her body because both of her eyes are closed.”

Stephanie was at capacity, caring for multiple critical care kittens, but when she saw a picture of Penny, she knew she had to act.

Lind and Deаf Strау Kitten were doomed, but a loving heart works wonders.

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