The owner allows the cat free reign over their daily schedule.

Every cat owner has their own special style of passing the time with their cats. However, this proprietor went and did the unexpected…

She does things in an unusual manner, allowing her cat, Ringodanyan, dictate how she spends her day.Every day would consist of sleeping, eating, and snuggling with my kitties if I ever let them set the schedule. Haha!

In the riveting clip above, you’ll see Ringo’s owner provide him with a choice between two grooming alternatives, and then you’ll get to watch as the cat enjoys a “fur trim.”

The next option is between going for a stroll in the park and staying in and watching some “meowflix” to relax. Do you have any idea which one the cat picked? Meowflix and relax is, of course, a fan favorite.

The choice between rest and recreation is a difficult one. But this adorable cat is not going to let up until he gets his share of the attention.

They hire a pregnant stray cat who has decided to have her kittens in the police station.

Everyday, this cute tabby cat brings his owner a pair of slippers.