An Orphaned Kitten Arrives Desperately Seeking Heat and Instantly Discovers a Friendly Cat Companion.

Unwanted and cold, an orphaned kitten discovered a cat who took him in without hesitation. Best Buddies Cassiopeia (aka Cassie), a sociable expectant cat, was taken in by the Brisbane,

Australia-based rescue organization Felines. As the weeks passed, her tummy continued to grow, and on a Friday morning, she went into labor.

Just after the birth of her second child, Best Friends Felines learned of a minuscule 48-gram, 3-day-old kitten in need of a bottle caretaker or surrogate mother cat.

If we were willing to give him a try with Cassie and she accepted him, he at least had a chance of surviving.

A kitten with ears resembling those of a teddy bear captivates hearts with her perseverance.

A cat with enormous eyes implores everyone for affection and love, clinging to the hope that one day his dream will be realized.