A cat with missing limbs seeks comfort in the loving embraces of its surrogate mother.

Ten days ahead of the hospital’s guidelines, Tinder and Cloud were born. Sadly, they were denied medical treatment and left to die peacefully in their parents’ arms.

At only 21.3 weeks gestation, they defied the odds of survival, with twin B, Cloud, measuring five days ahead of schedule at 22.1 weeks.

Everyone cherished and adored them greatly.They left behind their older sibling, Océane, as well as their parents, Sonia and Roy. Together, we form a family, and you two will always be loved and missed!!!

Please assist us to alter the viability guidelines for micro preemies! We are aware that infants as young as 21 weeks have not only given birth, but are also prospering!!! Hospitals should not abandon robust infants to die!!

A kind-hearted man rescues a timid feline and progressively introduces her to love through reassuring hugs.

The boy may never awaken, and the vivid red markings that cover his entire body may never diminish.