Depressed Pit Bull who was exploited for breeding and then abandoned was seen on camera “crying” in the shelter

Her eyes would fill up with tears every time I stated, “I used to be sorry,” to wrap up a talk with her. This angel is deserving of the world.

Customer Sarah Slime of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care Management shelter captured Cinnamon, a Pitbull mix, crying at the facility in 2017 and emailed her the video, if that’s what the punishment on earth is for.

Furthermore, Fb. Sarah Sleime may often attend the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care Management, her hometown animal shelter. In North Carolina, there are many of shelters close by, and many animals have made their home there.

Sarakh has always been fascinated with angels. Elizabeth is doing her best to let these shelter puppies know that they are loved where they are, and she feels very alone in this world.

Everybody stands bent and erect, although some people are also bowed. Sarah, for one unexpected moment, feels something

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