Cat Mom Claims Her Kitty ‘Meows In Lowercase’ And Shares Cute Video

Cats, like people, have distinct voices with distinct tones. Some cats have pitchy meows, and some cats, according to this cat parent, can meow in lowercase just like her own.

Meet Chester, a stunning tuxedo cat with a calm and charming meow. This beautiful feline phenomenon, shared on TikTok by his cat mom @karysandmax, has been melting hearts all over the internet.

Chester is sitting on the floor in the video, with an expression that appears to imply, “Why bother with loud meows?”  When his mother urges him to talk, he answers with a meow that is nearly whisper-like.

You may be wondering why Chester meows so softly. Cats interact with people through various vocalizations, and each sound has a distinct significance.

According to Pet MD, quiet and delicate meows are frequently associated with health difficulties, but they can also be a sign of affection or even anxiety.

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