When the fireman who had saved the dejected shelter dog showed up to take her home, her happiness knew no limits.

Many of us like to give our pets plenty of love and care, but unfortunately, there are some bad animal owners as well, which only goes to show that certain people should never be around animals for their own safety.

Among them was Chunk’s owner, a stunning three-month-old puppy who had completely lost her energy and enthusiasm.

Her owner has brutally mistreated her since she was born. Three months later, they just left her there by the side of the road, shackled to a tree to prevent her from escaping.

The poor puppy was abandoned to the weather, perhaps wondering what on earth she could have done wrong and in complete dread.

Even if it was only by chance, the local fire department found the imprisoned puppy, which is fortunate. A department employee saved Chunk on a chilly October day in Sacramento just in time.

The frightened mother dog lay there, wailing for assistance to save her pups, unable to rise.

A stray dog that is initially afraid of strangers musters the bravery to ask one man to lessen its pain.