The oldest resident of the shelter smiles and falls asleep when he finds a family.

Animal shelters are brimming with kind, optimistic animals just waiting to be adopted into caring homes. It’s a popular misperception that little pups often take center stage over

their bigger, more experienced peers. But in actuality, these larger, more seasoned animals are sometimes gentle giants who will always give you attention.

Consider Petey, a cute dog with a patch that resembles an eyepatch. Petey eventually got his ultimate home after spending almost a year languishing in a

shelter with no sign of potential adopters. Petey’s new family was so happy for him that they posted a sweet picture of him grinning and resting well.


According to My Modern Met, Petey’s path to happiness started when staff members at a tiny, crammed shelter saw he had promise and asked the SPCA of Wake County for help.

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