Triplets are born to a 63-year-old woman, shocking the world.

After 44 years of marriage and no children, a 66-year-old Indian lady gave birth to a set of triplets (two boys and a girl), perhaps making her the oldest woman in the world to give birth to triplets.

Bts. After becoming pregnant via artificial insemination at the National Insemination Center in Hisar, Haryana, Bhateri Devi is reportedly receiving emergency treatment. Three of her newborns had very low birth weights: 1.2 kg, 1.1 kg, and 800 g.

Mrs. Devi’s doctor, Anurag Bishnoi, claimed, “According to the birth certificate issued by a government hospital in the Rohtak district, Bhateri Devi was born on May 21, 1944, in the Madina village of Rohtak.”

Three rounds of artificial insemination were ultimately successful for Bhateri Devi. In the first two cycles, just two embryos were implanted. On the third attempt, however, three embryos were implanted, and the woman became pregnant.

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