When it comes to education, “inclusive” implies “including” all students in regular classes and regular schools. It implies actual educational possibilities for children with impairments and speakers of minority languages, two groups that have been historically marginalized.

The tragic tale of the poisoned cat in the middle of nowhere is told here. Despite its obvious frailty, this poor creature was abandoned to its fate. However, even in the most dire circumstances, good may emerge.

Poison had already taken its toll on the cat when it was found lying unconscious in the woods. It was obvious that the situation was dire, and every second counted.

A good-hearted person saw the cat, however, and helped it out anyhow. In a last-ditch effort to save the cat, they gently picked it up and rushed it to a nearby vet.

The vet put in many hours to save the cat’s life, giving it the TLC it needed to pull through. The cat was in a race against the clock, but with love and care, it started to get well.

The cat improved steadily under the watchful eye of its savior and the veterinarians, becoming healthier and more active as time went by.

A homeless mother dog’s heroic efforts to protect her unborn puppies from harm are chronicled in this moving true story.

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