From Bruise to Beauty: A Girl’s Extraordinary Journey from a Small Birthmark to One the Size of a Pomegranate

Chloe, who took propranolol for a year, is pictured the morning of her first surgery. After undergoing the operation in August 2014, she is beaming. This graph illustrates how Chloe’s birthmark changed in color and size following treatment.

A week later, she and Michael were informed by physicians that the ‘brise’ on their daughter’s forehead was actually a strawberry birthmark.

The couple was informed that it would soon change color and develop.

“During the second week, it became clear what they meant by the birthmark. It had become a vibrant shade of red,” said Jean.

During a ruthless polar vortex, a shivering and destitute stray cat begged a kind-hearted man for sanctuary in his apartment.

A disabled mother without limbs or legs still provides the best for her infant despite her flaws.