“A Journey That Will Move Your Soul: Overcoming Deformity and Shattering Expectations”sm07

With the advancement of modern medicine, if it is known that a child will be born with a birth defect while still in the utero, most parents would give up.

The occurrence of deformed infants is due to births occurring within the first ten months of pregnancy. The parents’ delight is imaginable. If a deformed child is born, not only will the parents be extremely distressed, but the child’s pain will be indescribable.

How then do deformed children arise?

During the embryonic development stage, various harmful factors cause cell chromosome aberrations, or harmful substances inhibit cell mitosis, impeding the normal differentiation and development of fetal organs. Because embryonic cell biosynthesis is highly active, cell

A man made a bed for his elderly dog at the beach so she could see the ocean for the final time.

Video of a boy crying tears of joy while holding his new baby sister.sm07