A Ray of Hope: This Pitiful, Luckless Kitten’s Life Transforms When He Arrives at the Doorstep of a Sympathetic Man

Chataro, the dog, showed up in the man’s yard four years ago. The kitten had mange, ticks, fleas, and was covered in both. It definitely would have died if he hadn’t

shown up on the man’s doorstep. The man took the kitten to the vet, where it was diagnosed with leukemia. Surgery was the only option for the infections that had

spread to his teeth and eyes. The vets were able to save Chataro’s life just in time. Now, four years later, he’s a happy and healthy adult cat. Although he has made great strides, he still need daily eye

drops. Chataro was lucky when he found a guy who could give him the care and affection he craved. Right now, he’s a gorgeous cat with a few flaws, but he’s content and loved nevertheless.

We’re relieved that what might have been a tragic ending turned out to be a happy one instead. We can survive on nothing more than love, therefore if a

Tri-pawed A lonely kitten is comforted by the loving hands of a woman and begins to dream of a new life with her.

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