After being submerged for almost 11 hours, the dog finally located his owner and saved him.

An amazing dog called Heidi went on an aquatic excursion in Moreton Bay, Australia, with some unusual companions, including a sunken boat, a wet suit, and a tackle box, as reported by the Queensland Police.

This incredible tale began at exactly 6 a.m. on a Thursday morning.A watchful observer first saw anything out of the norm in the placid waters of Moreton Bay. Heidi, a courageous dog,

was seen there, swimming against the tide to reach safety. Other odd objects, such as a box of cufflinks and a bathing suit, floated in the background.

The onlooker had no doubts about the need of acting quickly. It was decided to act decisively and jump into the water to save the drowning dog, which was successfully accomplished.

The coast guard was swiftly notified of the emergency and given a full account of the events that had unfolded, all of which pointed to the tragic loss of a boat.

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