A homeless guy with his dog begged for money at the Walmart entrance. They were saved by a kind lady who stepped in.

Despite public condemnation, many people living on the streets have pets. There will be no discussion here.

A disagreement should arise only if a homeless person intentionally endangers their pet. They make sacrifices so that their pet always has enough to eat, enough warmth, and enough shelter.

While shopping at Walmart in Houston, Texas, Wilma Frice saw a homeless person holding a sign that said, “Dog in pound, need help.”

The sign was devastating to her emotions. Patrick, a homeless guy, was there by himself, seeking for aid. He wasn’t asking for anything he needed.

His closest buddy, Franklin, was locked up in the pound since he didn’t have the required $120 to release him.

He appeared like a sweet, sensitive man who had a terrible life, Frice told People.com. His eyes reflected the desperation of a large child who had just lost his dog.

Patrick posted the following on Facebook after collecting the money from Wilma. As stated in her blog entry:

An ailing senior dog was abandoned in a drunken owner’s backyard, where it remained chained and without access to water or food.

Help the dog that got stuck in the trash and lead him safely through the ordeal.