The anchor reporting on a stolen dog witnesses the same dog strolling down the street.

“Before the passage of the Animal Welfare Act in 1966, canines were routinely taken and sold for use in medical research in the United States. However, the passage of this law decreased these

occurrences. The profit available to dognappers fluctuates according to the value of the dog or the amount of ransom its original owners are willing to pay.

Dog organizations recommend microchipping dogs to facilitate the return of lost animals to their owners. Wikipedia  It is a frightening reality that still occurs today, albeit less frequently.

A recent occurrence demonstrates that a keen mind and a fortunate correspondent can sometimes be the difference between a lost dog and one that has been discovered A correspondent was diligently recording when an extraordinary event occurred.

Woman travels four hours to save a dog from euthanasia and ends up with three canines in her vehicle.

Therapy canines assist children in gaining the self-assurance necessary to testify against their perpetrators.