During a ruthless polar vortex, a shivering and destitute stray cat begged a kind-hearted man for sanctuary in his apartment.

Climate change has made this year’s winter in North America more ruthless and severe than ever before. The fluctuating polar vortex caused record-breaking frigid periods, massive snowfall, and

blizzards across the nation. A sTr with strong winds and heavy precipitation, also known as a “snow squall,” rapidly covered every street with a thick layer of snow, forcing people to stay inside and

work instead of venturing outside.Nathaniel Styer was one of those individuals who worked from home; he felt comfortable in his apartment while using the computer. Outside the window,

Nathaniel could not help but observe something else. The window ledge was occupied by a feral cat that was clawing at anything it could find. The four-legged girl was in complete terror and B was pleading for entrance.

Within a large, caring family, affection grows for a stray kitten.

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