Within a large, caring family, affection grows for a stray kitten.

A palm-sized tabby was discovered outside as an orphan with one deceased sibling. The mother cat could not be located, and the kitten required assistance.

A few days old, she was brought to the Humane Society of Otter Tail County in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Jenny, a foster volunteer at the shelter, told Love Meow: “It is unknown what happened to her mother or any of her siblings.”

The superintendent of the animal shelter bottle-fed the kitten for a few days before Jenny took over caretaker duties when the tabby was approximately 10 days old.

Jenny christened the dog after the location where she was discovered. The kitten weighed six ounces, had a strong will to live, and a healthy appetite.

Jenny told Love Meow that she has fostered hundreds of newborn and neonatal kittens over the years, many of whom were in critical condition upon arrival, so it was a relief that Fergie appeared robust and healthy.

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