Eagerly, the blind kitten stretched out to see the kind guy who had fought so valiantly to rescue him.

Having been born into a world without sight, the blind kitten made its way through its environment using only its natural senses and the gentle touch of the kindhearted person who had offered assistance.

It was bathed in the warmth of the sun’s rays, felt the soft touch of the breeze, and heard the murmurs of nature.

However, there was a great curiosity and a strong want to see the face of the man who had reached out to rescue it somewhere deep within of it.

The guy had only been there for a short while, but his brief presence had made a lasting impression on the kitten’s delicate mind.

The kitten had heard the calming voice of the man who had risked everything to save it, and it had felt the loving hug of tender hands in that moment of rescue. It cried out to see the face that in the middle of the darkness had stood for compassion and hope.

This sad cat is battling for his life in the desolate mud, wondering whether a miracle would ever come to him.

Set off on a quest to save the abandoned kitty in the backyard that has shattered hips but has been ignored by everyone.