A massive rescue effort is launched to save a kitten trapped in a deep sewer: a final, desperate attempt proves to be the key to success.

In order to save a kitten that got stuck in a deep sewer, a large rescue operation is organized, and the key to success is a last-ditch effort.

This scared cat got fortunate when his rescuers kept at it even though he tried to get away. Thanks to them, he is now secure at a shelter. Soon he will be adopted into a home where he may live the good life of an indoor cat.

“Large mobilization to rescue a kitten trapped in a deep sewer: one last attempt will ultimately be the right one” is an allegory for the proper decision to be made when faced with a seemingly impossible situation.
Chick-fil-A workers in Pearland, Texas (USA) reported hearing kitten cries coming from behind a storm drain grate.

The cat waits patiently under a car, refusing to believe that her owner has abandoned her.

abandoned kitten clings to her rescuers after being found in the field.