Adorable Winnie and her stuffed animal share an uncommonly sweet love story.

I’ve had numerous cats as pets, but none of them were as attached to their toys as this one is to her Winnie plushie

Without a doubt, my cats like playing, but you won’t find them toting about a plush animal or sharing their bed with one. Winnie, the adorable kitty, loves to carry about and snuggle her favorite plush toy.


Be prepared to have your cuteness threshold tested by this movie and the images that follow. This is an unusual kind of relationship.

I was blown away when Winnie’s owner, Shanan, posted a photo of the two of them on TikTok with a plush wolf. Winnie is adorable, and I was touched by the devotion she shows to her teddy bear. Shanan adds that she has never seen a cat develop such an attachment to a toy.

Several commenters on Shanan’s blog wondered aloud whether she planned to get Winnie a companion cat. I can appreciate that we don’t yet know the solution to this issue.

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