Remarkable Achievements Against All Odds: The Inspiring Story of an Asian Girl Without Arms Chasing Her Dreams

Ms. Cho and her husband, Mr. Tran Van Nho, continue to take care of their nfortnate grandson despite the fact that Ms. Cho’s feet are covered with mud year-round and she must work as a contracted laborer.

The girl returned to the book to study independently. Thao attempts to perform all personal tasks herself for HOA NG VA N.

When Thao was only 10 months old, tragedy struck this impoverished family when Thao’s father returned to Nha Trang to visit his family and died suddenly in an accident.

Therefore, all difficulties are concentrated on the mother’s thin shoulders and the grandparents’ hunched backs.

Also due to the impoverished family situation and lack of land for production, Nhan was soon compelled to send Thao to her adoptive parents, while she went to Binh

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