The Most Rare and Beautiful Cat You Have Ever Seen.

This rare, V.I.P. cat with two different-colored irises and a split-colored furry visage belongs to a group of possibly (or possibly not) chimera-like

According to geneticists, a genuine chimera is an extremely rare occurrence. As Professor of Genetics and Development at Columbia University Virginia Papaioannou explained to

, “A chimera… is a composite individual composed of cells from at least two distinct original embryos. If they fuse early enough, they will become a single organism with the genetic


contributions of two distinct individuals. In a mosaic, there is only one individual, which occurs to have active genetic components of various types in its cells. A chimera would be an extremely rare and improbable occurrence.”

Papaioannou considers cats such as Quimera and her equally magnificent predecessor to be remarkable specimens of calico cats.

“This is a relatively simple instance of X-inactivation mosaicism, with the addition of a white splotch gene. “All female mammals have two X-chromosomes,” the professor explained.

Overcoming the Odds, the Injured Cat from the Liquor Store Enjoys Being Cradled by the Vet Team During Recovery

This is Smmer. She sustained serious injuries after being struck by a car, but she doesn’t let that affect her disposition. She is the most adorable kitten.