Tan France, of “Queer Eye,” has announced the birth of his second baby and given him a sweet name:

The Queer Eye actor and his spouse Rob recently announced the birth of their second kid through surrogacy on Instagram.

The 40-year-old shared some heartwarming photos of his new baby boy and his family.

He wrote, “Welcome baby boy #2, Isaac France, born this past weekend,” in the caption to let everyone know that the baby was born over the weekend. Our family isn’t quite complete without him.

The celebrity continued by saying, “And a huge thank you to our incredible warrior of a surrogate, for giving us the greatest gift one could ever give.”

France and Rob, who have been a family for over two years now thanks to the birth of their son Ismail, have revealed that they are expecting their second child this summer.

The British design entrepreneur spoke candidly to PEOPLE about his anticipation of becoming a father for the second time in an exclusive interview back in April.

“We were over the moon,” he recalled of the moment they found out. “I’ve never felt anything like that. As surprising as it was the first time, nearly. I was so happy I was crying, and I couldn’t believe it was happening again. The sensation was beyond words.

The Next in Fashion presenter went on to say that he and Rob wanted to provide their kid, who is now 21 months old, with a sister so that they may be “close.”

We hoped that by finding him a companion he would have someone to whom he could feel bound. I have strong relationships with my brothers, and my husband has great relationships with his, so Rob and I wanted to build a family in which our kid would have more than just us to lean on.

“We are so excited about Ismail having a sibling, but the most exciting part is that he will hopefully have somebody for the rest of his life that he gets to call his person,” said Tan.

The new dad already knew his kid would be a boy and had chosen a name, but they didn’t want to announce it until the baby was delivered.

The two names that mean the most to me have always been familiar to me. He said, “And so, thankfully, Rob loves them also.” This is the name we plan to give the kid.

Thousands of people, including the editor in chief of Teen Vogue Versha Sharma and fellow Queer Eye star Bobby Berk, have liked and commented on the post to congratulate France on being a dad again.

Best wishes to the newlyweds!

More pictures of baby Isaac would be very precious.

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