Ten Critical Health Issues That Women Ignorantly Ignore

As a woman, your life revolves around your menstrual and pregnancy cycles, and there are numerous factors surrounding these times that might cause you to miss the warning signals of severe illnesses.

Here are the top 10 symptoms and signals that you should no longer ignore.

1. Acne or zits on the chin.

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It’s common for a woman’s oestrogen and progesterone levels to increase dramatically in the week or so leading up to her period, and this may create some unpleasant side effects, like acne or pimples on the chin.

whether your acne persists for more than a week following your period, you may want to see a doctor who specialises in female hormones to see whether there is a problem.

2 . Sustained feelings of sadness or anger.

Hormonal fluctuations surrounding menstruation, as discussed previously, might cause feelings of irritability or melancholy.

But if you’re still feeling Emtional/angry and sad around ten days after your period has ended. consult a therapist, since this may be a symptom of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which is often treated with antidepressants.

3 .Third, a decrease in hunger.

While it’s natural for women to feel less hungry during pregnancy or in the days leading up to menstruation, persistent aversion to food should prompt a trip to the doctor, as it could be an indicator of something more serious like ovarian cancer.

4. If your menstrual blood is more clot-heavy and darker in colour.

Blood of varying colours during menstruation is common, as is a small to moderate quantity of clot. However, if you notice that your menstrual blood is unusually black and clot-rich for more than one period. Uterine fibroids (which cause an enlarged uterus but are not cancer) are one possible cause.Therefore, monitoring your blood while ministering is a good idea.

5 – Sporadic, mild hair loss.

It might be typical to have some hair loss on a regular basis, especially after a wash. However, if you notice that you’ve been losing hair on a regular basis, no matter how little or how much, it’s best to see a doctor since it might be a sign of a hormonal imbalance, and specifically a lack of testosterone (yes, testosterone is a male hormone, but women also require it for physiological activities).

6 . Sixthly, a growing chest.

For those between the ages of 20 and 22. You are definitely an adult now, and your breast size should be changing with your weight or pregnancy.

But if you see a sudden or unexplained expansion of your chest, get medical attention immediately. Expert advice is required, since this may indicate a hormonal imbalance or possibly breast cancer.

7. diminishing in height.

Yes! You are not crazy if you feel much shorter than your actual height indicates (more than 0.5 inches). Low levels of Calcium and Vitamin D, which are often the cause of a condition called “Osteoprosis – Degradation of bone cells,” which affects women more frequently than males, may be to blame.

8. You have severe dryness or cracking in the outer corners of your lips.

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When their lip corners dry and crack, most women go for a moisturising product. However, the proper method involves checking your vitamin and mineral levels (especially Vitamin B and Iron). “Perleche” is a common term for this predicament.

Heartburn No. 9.

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably had heartburn, particularly around your period or when pregnant.

Did you know that most instances of peptic or stomach ulcer go undiagnosed because women disregard their heartburn and abdominal discomfort as non-specific symptoms?

Check your faeces for a deeper colour and see whether the discomfort is more consistent the next time you have heartburn. whether the pain is more severe than usual, you may wish to contact a doctor.

10 . Tension in the lower back.

When we lift heavy loads or do strenuous jobs, we all feel the ache in our backs. However, if you have severe and recurring lower back discomfort during menstruation, it may radiate down both legs.

Endometriosis, when endometrial tissues develop outside the endometrium, is a common illness that may cause infertility and chronic discomfort if left untreated for too long.

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