Introducing Piglet, the cat with the cutest tiny pig nose ever.

Now, before you continue, let us just say that this cat is very adorable. As you continue reading, prepare ready to dissolve into a puddle of fluff.

This is Piglet, the Super Cat. This small girl’s teeny nose resembles a little snout due to her split top lip.

Piglet was a cat who was saved. Even at the age of a few days, her abandoned littermates were saved as well.

All of them were given to a team of veterinary technicians, who gave them tender bottle feedings all day long.

After Piglet recovered her strength and health, she moved in with her adoptive mother, a veterinary technician, in her forever

Not what I had intended to offer. Zion the kitten was released this morning. He began to have convulsions and his condition worsened. It would be an understatement to say that I’m broken this morning.

A cat visits a kind neighbor who earlier showed kindness to her, guaranteeing the bright future of her offspring.