The cat writhed in a last-ditch effort, trapped in a maze of ropes, yet

People’s hearts were warmed by a crippled cat that went about and miraculously changed in an instant. We were notified of an abandoned animal in need of rescue around three months ago

. That was this sad cat breaking into a family’s house covertly and taking their food—possibly due to severe hunger.

It was stuck in a maze of cables and unable to release itself when we got there. After some convincing, the family decided to allow the cat to rejoin with our rescue group.

This poor cat had matted hair that was filthy and tangled with muck. With one eye gone and a crooked mouth, it gave off a fearful expression.

Although we were unaware of its fate, it had undoubtedly experienced unspeakable suffering and terror. The cat was almost tired and badly hurt.

The helpless, deserted kitten was stuck inside a water pot and in great need of assistance.

This sad cat is battling for his life in the desolate mud, wondering whether a miracle would ever come to him.