The chilling Netflix film about the evil doll Sabrina is giving many nightmares.

The Netflix horror film Sabrina has given many viewers nightmares and chills.

The Rocky Soraya-helmed Indonesian film premiered in 2018, but it has only now been available on Netflix. The Doll 3 is the continuation of a successful series.

An orphaned niece uses a strange ceremony using a Ouija board to try to contact the ghost of her deceased mother, and the resulting terrorization of the toymaker and his wife is the focus of the narrative.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who is terrifying enough without being possessed, becomes a doorway to a demonic presence and threatens the family as a result of this.

Take a look at the Sabrina teaser below:

Some have even drawn comparisons to the well acclaimed horror film The Conjuring, which is saying something considering the film’s surprising plot twists.

Many frightened viewers turned to Twitter to discuss the unsettling show. In this Indonesian Netflix thriller, a demonic doll tries to take over a human body, as one user put it. The appearance of the possessed doll/demon is enough to give anybody nightmares, and it draws more than a little influence from The Conjuring films.

Another viewer said, “Rocky Soraya is a hoot as director/writer/creator of The Doll (2016), The Doll 2 (2017), and Sabrina (2018), which I remember very nothing about. All three Annabelles are completely outclassed by them. Netflix has it everything!

And a fourth said, “This Sabrina The Doll movie more’scary’ than Annabelle.” A third said, “Watching the Sabrina doll movie on Netflix and why are all the children so obsessed with the creepiest looking doll?”


The thriller Missing, starring Storm Reid, Nia Long, and Ken Leung, is just one example of the streaming giant’s current frightening offerings; fans were similarly “sick to their stomachs” after watching.

Teenager June Allen (Reid) is left alone in Los Angeles when her mother (Long) and her boyfriend (Leung) leave on vacation to Colombia.

When the pair is late getting back, June begins to worry that something awful has occurred. She makes an effort to find her absent mother but is hampered by diplomatic formalities.

Daughter is desperate to find her mother before it’s too late, so she employs cutting-edge technology to do it. However, the more she investigates, the more questions she uncovers, which makes for exciting storyline twists.

The film was well received by critics (87%) and spectators (90%) alike, according to reviews compiled by the website Rotten Tomatoes.

Empire magazine’s John Nugent scored it 4/5, calling it “a gripping, well-told, incredibly watchable thriller for a new generation of TikTok sleuths — and a compelling argument to up your average screen-time.”

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