After two years apart, the sergeant anxiously awaits the dog he served with to exit the aircraft.

..She was going to retire and permanently leave the military installation. Taylor had spent her whole life in the army, and her coworkers dubbed her Princess Taylor or Tay-Tay. She has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

The Taliban even put a reward on her head because of how skilled she was at what she accomplished. Thousands of canines have been sent into active duty by the US Army.

Hundreds of them are sent to handlers who will look after them while they are in the field after being sent abroad. These canines are used for a variety of tasks, including tracking, bomb detection, and search and rescue.

However, Taylor is no longer a soldier and its perils are behind him. Dogs similar to her are placed up for adoption when she retires to a quieter civilian life. The military personnel they lived, dined, and served with are the ones who get priority.


An elderly deaf dog cries out to people to take him home after spending 653 days at a shelter.

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