The Dog Who Ate Twigs and Rocks to Stay Alive Is Now This

We’ve seen firsthand the difficulty most strays have in making a living. They sometimes go for days without eating, and the scraps they find seldom satisfy their appetite.

Long-term hunger like this pushes dogs to the edge of despair, where they’ll eat almost anything for a little chance of survival.

In this amazing story, we follow a dog through his day-to-day life as he tries to survive by gnawing on twigs and pebbles.

The Southern Animal Organization did not hesitate when they got a report about a critically starved puppy living on the brutal streets of New Orleans.

The state in which they discovered the Weimaraner mix was heartbreaking. Alex, the dog, had become so thin that he was on the verge of collapse and death.

The dog’s owners wanted to put him to sleep due to his excessive barking, but the veterinarian refused.

When the door of the shelter opens, the dog sticks her paw through the bars.