Unaccompanied, a sick newborn calf sleeps on the ground until a dog arrives to assist.

In 2020, Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner adopted a calf who had just been an orphan and established the Gentle Barn. His mother did not get it out of the slaughterhouse where they had saved him.

It had barely been a week. Because he was a warrior as well, they gave him the nickname John Lewis Thunderheart.

Lewis wasn’t feeling well when he got to The Gentle Barn. “Severe pneumonia struck him.” His respiration was rough and loud. He coughed deeply. Ellie reported that “he had a very high temperature.”

Lewis’s birth situation was traumatic, therefore he did not get enough colostrum to strengthen his immune system. He battled for his life when he developed pneumonia because of this.

They took him inside their air-conditioned house as they knew he wouldn’t be able to live in the barn. He need a hygienic and cool setting so they could take care of him around-the-clock.

Three times the dog sneaks into a nursing home after escaping an animal shelter; the nurse then puts his “signs” together.

On a cold night, a scared hairless dog “knocks” on a man’s door and begs for assistance.