The latest on Al Roker’s health, including the operation that ended a monthlong health problem

Al Roker, everyone’s favourite meteorologist, has had a rough go of it in recent months due to a series of health problems.

After being brought to the hospital for blood clots the first time, he had to go back in and give his followers an update on his condition.

After undergoing weeks of therapy, he made his way back to the Today programme, but another health concern soon followed.

I was dealing with two obstacles at once. According to Roker, the internal bleeding he experienced was caused by blood clots that developed when he contracted COVID in September. Afterward, he continued, “I lost almost half my blood.”

Roker disclosed he had intestinal bleeding and needed surgery while speaking with his Today co-hosts.

I just needed one procedure, but they gave me four for free.

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Rocker had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday and is now making a full recovery.

He, as usual, reassured his followers through video clip that he was well and well. The video was captioned, “Up and walking this morning on the [new knee] [step by step].” Following his thanks to the medical staff, he said that he was “wearing a negative pressure pump to help facilitate wound healing.”

Rocker’s wife, the journalist Dorah Roberts of ABC News, has been at his side through it all.

The meteorologist posted a slideshow documenting all the times Roberts had gone to the hospital with him over the years, writing, “I’m thinking [Roberts] and I have GOT to stop meeting like this,” to which Roberts responded, “Yes. Indeed, we shall.

Roberts also wrote about her husband’s recent hospitalisation and included images. “Wonder of the Week. My dear [Roker], here is part two of your wellness journey,” she posted on Instagram.

After overcoming insurmountable odds, we are eternally grateful to the skilled medical staff who helped him get back on his feet with a replacement knee and a renewed feeling of self-assurance. Keeping [courage, gratitude, and grace] in mind as we go ahead. Humbled by the outpouring of love and prayers, and grateful for the gift of quality medical care.


They’ve been married since 1995, and Roker and Roberts have two kids together.

She discussed the effects of her husband’s illness on the family. They “almost collapsed” as a family once the crisis passed, she said. We were unprepared for the constant state of excitement that came from protecting him. It wasn’t until the dust had settled and the fog lifted that I realised how difficult it had been. I had no idea how difficult it would be till then. My objective was to see to it that he was taken care of and that he was able to recover.


Al Roker, despite his recent setbacks, has no intention of slowing down and is anxious to go back to work on his programme. Plus, he’s’more enthusiastic’ than ever about his profession.

We’re relieved to hear that Rocker is doing better and hope he continues to improve rapidly.

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